Kraus-Anderson Block

Redevelopment of Kraus-Anderson’s downtown headquarters block will replace a 40-year old, two-story office building and surface parking lot with a creative mixed use block development complementing the revitalization of East Downtown and the Elliot Park neighborhood. Elements include Kraus-Anderson headquarters; a five-story, 100,000 s.f. office consolidating three existing KA offices under one roof;  a highrise, amenity-rich apartment building along the Portland Avenue residential and cycling corridor; an innovative eight-story “Brewtel” hotel with restaurant and catering; and the Finnovation Center, a three-story microbrewery, event center and offices for Finnegan’s featuring collaborative office spaces for other social entrepreneurial business startups. Underground parking and a green central courtyard and pedestrian-friendly, Euro-style woonerf will further enhance the new block.

  • Category: Mixed Use